CARA is making the Capital Requirements Regulation more accessible and transparent. It is the first of its kind in English and German. CARA is specially made for:
  • Bankers
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Advisors
  • Paralegals
  • Other Professionals


Product Functionality

Simple and easy navigation through the hierarchy of the CRR

Display the legal text in English and German with pop-up definitions 

Short and concise video tutorials for more than 450 articles in English and German

Beautiful Mind Maps for more than 450 articles in English and German

Each article shows links to connected EBA and ECB publications

Legal definitions search function

Personal notes per article 

Team specific forums 

Custom CRR video tutorials with certification (later 2018)

Louis meets CARA

Our Pilot Clients

Workflow & Demo Video

Cara will enable you to get a deeper understanding and an efficient analysis of the Capital Requirements Regulations (CRR).

Change your view point and find the beauty in Capital Requirements Regulation.

News & Briefings

Fintech development and its implication for banks and its supervisors

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision published a consulting document on the 30th August 2017 regarding the future development of the incumbent banks in light of the growing importance of fintech in the banking industry. Fintech is the current Hype with which the digitalisation and technological innovation is now reaching the financial sector.  Investments, especially Read More

The Banking Union and Union Courts: overview of cases

The European Banking Institute recently published a list of cases within the Banking Union framework. The selection provides an excellent overview, covering: Actions for annulment against ECB supervisory decisions Actions for annulment against SRB decisions Preliminary ruling proceedings on EU Banking Law (CRR, CRDIV and SSM Regulation) Judicial proceedings concerning Banking Union legislation and/or acts Read More

EBI Working Paper Series – Regulating a Revolution: From Regulatory Sandboxes to Smart Regulation

Abstract Prior to the Global Financial Crisis, financial innovation was viewed very positively, resulting in a laissez-faire, deregulatory approach to financial regulation. Since the Crisis the regulatory pendulum has swung to the other extreme. Post-Crisis regulation, plus rapid technological change, have spurred the development of financial technology companies (FinTechs). FinTechs and data-driven financial services providers Read More

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